PPS - Parents - Parish - School

  • The purpose of the PPS is to build a strong partnership between our church and school community. Our overarching goal is to collaborate so that we can continue to enrich the lives of our students, as well as the hearts of our parish. While this organization will take on many of the roles of a PTO- fundraising, teacher appreciation, room parents, etc.- there are so many other wonderful things happening at both our church and our school for us to share. Together we are stronger and everyone benefits. By volunteering, even once or twice a year, you will have fun with other families, build great memories for our students, and increase the PPS's ability to give back! We hope you will take advantage of your membership and enjoy the activities planned or paid for by the PPS:
    • Class field trips for all grades
    • 8th grade scholarships
    • Teacher appreciation week
    • Walk-a-thon event
    • Room parent coordination
    • St. Patrick's Day Parade participation
    • Roller skating parties
    • At-cost uniform polo shirts
    • Apparel and trash bag fundraisers
    • Pancake breakfasts

Contact us at pps@littleflowerparish.org