Parent/Student Expectations

Little Flower Catholic School respects the individual conscience of individual students and their families. This freedom is recognized by the Catholic Church. However, as a Catholic school we cannot relinquish our own freedom to proclaim the Gospel and to offer a formation based on the teachings of the Catholic faith and the values to be found in Christian education. Students are expected to participate in the religious instruction and Catholic formation, including Christian service, offered at the school except those that are intended only for Catholics (e.g., reception of sacraments).


Love one another.

Each person has a unique point of view. We will listen to and learn from others.

We will accept others as they are, recognizing that we are all different.

We will value our own abilities, mind, and body and strive to improve ourselves every day.

We will not yell at one another. We will attack problems, not people.

Violence, whether physical or verbal, is unacceptable.


Honesty is expected of all, all the time.

Registration is an agreement by students AND parents to follow all school rules.

We will not spread rumors or gossip.

No one will cheat, plagiarize, or accept credit for work they did not do.


The building and grounds of Little Flower belong to all of us. It is EVERYONE’S responsibility to keep them clean.

Each of us must do our best to promote Little Flower. If problems arise, they should be addressed to the appropriate person, not in the “parking lot”.

Each student, parent, and staff will provide time, talent, and treasure to Little Flower as their personal circumstances allow.


“Your life is God’s gift to you. What you make of it is your gift to God.”

As Little Flower School pledges to provide the best education possible, all students and parents pledge to give their best effort.

Students will complete all work to the best of their ability.

Students, parents, and staff will strive to always represent Little Flower, as a student, athlete, fan, or guest, in a positive manner.

Whatever you choose to do, do it as well as you possibly can.