Admissions Policy

Following Archdiocesan policies, the School Commission has established the following admissions policies:

Due to the number of applicants and the limited number of spaces, a registration list (and lottery, if necessary) will be used to determine the order of acceptance within each priority category. Siblings of admitted transfer students will not receive sibling priority for one year. Students will be accepted in grades Preschool- 8th classes according to the following priorities:
  1. Students currently attending the school
  2. Siblings of students currently attending the school including the following:
    • Catholic students who are currently attending the school
    • Catholic students who attended the school or currently attend Catholic high school
    • Non-Catholic students currently attending the school
  3. Children of Little Flower parishioners employed by the parish
  4. Members of Little Flower Parish
  5. Children of Catholic teachers at the school who are not parishioners at Little Flower
  6. Members of a Catholic parish that does not have a school
  7. Members of other parishes that have a school
  8. Children of non-participating parishioners and non-Catholics

In all cases involving Catholic families, their pastor must certify they are active parishioners in good standing. An active parishioner is one who is baptized Catholic, registered in a parish, attends Mass regularly, supports a parish financially, and offers one’s time and talents in the service of a parish. Transfer families must provide a letter from their pastor stating they are active parishioners. All applications will be reviewed, and participating parishioner status will be verified. Little Flower Catholic School reserves the right to enroll only those children who exhibit the necessary cooperation and attitude required for the school to fulfill its education mission. (See Little Flower Catholic School’s Mission Statement) An admission will be denied to any student whose behavior is not consistent with the expectations of Little Flower Catholic School.