Middle School (6-8)

In Middle School students study the Old and New Testament and Church History. They also plan liturgies and work with social justice partners.

In Social Studies and Language Arts students study critical literacy skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening through American Literature, the study of Africa and Asia, and United States History with major units on The Constitution and Supreme Court. Eighth graders culminate their LF careers with a trip to Washington, D.C.

Middle school students begin to develop proportional thinking with ratios and rates in seventh grade. Students also continue to develop their number sense and computation with rational numbers, geometry skills and probability. By the end of eighth grade, students have had a strong focus on functions and algebraic concepts.

Science students develop their scientific thought process by using the scientific method and thn engineering design process in hands-on activities and Project Lead The Way units. Students engage in STEM labs to learn about various topics ranging from Newton's laws to genetic engineering. Students are also introduced to the basics of computer science programming and robotics education.

As part of our commitment to foster growth in the whole child, our students participate in Music, Art, and Physical Education classes twice each week with opportunities to join band and liturgical choir. Middle school students lead our Grandparents’ Day program and our Spring Musical.