What I like the most about Little Flower is that it is a family. Nine years ago my husband and I went to Little Flower looking for pre-school for our oldest son. Our plan that day was to go to all of the school open houses in our area, but that did not happen. We fell in love with Little Flower that day. Everyone that we came into contact with that day made us feel welcome. We could see and feel that Little Flower was not just a school it was a family. And since that day we have been apart of the Little Flower family. Our children love their school. And my husband and I know that we made the right school choice for our children.

After I became an attorney, I spent thirteen years coaching boys’ basketball at Little Flower. I saw firsthand the sacrifice that so many families were making to give their children the gift of a Catholic education at Little Flower like my parents had done years earlier. It has given me great pride and joy to see that Little Flower has continued to bless our youth on the Eastside with that same Christ-centered education that will serve as the foundation of their future growth and success.

To me, Little Flower is so much more than a school building or a faith community, it is my home and my family. I forged life long bonds with the men and women who served as my teachers and who have remained wholly invested in my success decades after I graduated. Little Flower expected my best from me, because they gave THEIR best TO me.

I am not a parishioner at Little Flower, nor do I have children in the school, however my experience with Little Flower graduates in the community convinced me that this is a school that successfully achieves its mission. The contributions of Little Flower graduates to the broader society made it clear to me that this was a place that deserved my support.

At Little Flower, we truly have a “family” environment. Our teachers know all of our students and can call them by name. The best part of being a member of the staff is that we really work together as a team in order to benefit our students and their families. Our students return years after graduation, and they remark upon how they still feel themselves being part of our Little Flower family. That’s important!

We moved to the Little Flower neighborhood 17 years ago, as a newly married couple. It was a perfect starter home. Our oldest child started preschool at Little Flower in 2004. We added 3 more kids to the mix and have stayed put because we love Little Flower Catholic School. It's not only a great education, but the community is part of our family.

My appreciation for the educational and spiritual foundation that Little Flower provided me deepens with each passing year. The lessons learned and virtues instilled at Little Flower are etched in my mind and heart and remain instrumental in helping me achieve goals and overcome setbacks in life. I am so grateful my parents sacrificed to give me the gift of Catholic education at Little Flower.

Little Flower is a treasure for the Eastside that is now more valuable and vital for our families and children than ever!

I am beyond proud of the influence Little Flower has had in my life and blessed that my sons experienced the same influence as Little Flower students. Little Flower is truly building the community of God, one student at a time.

I am grateful to Little Flower for providing me with a sense of community and belonging, and with good roots. Although it has been sixty years since I started school at Little Flower, several of my classmates and I keep in touch regularly.

As the mother of five Little Flower graduates, I am very appreciative of the dedication and compassion shown by all of the teachers. If a child needed to be challenged, of if some extra help was required, a parent was assured that the need would be met. The teachers worked well together for the betterment of all students. Not only were they interested in the student, but genuinely cared for the well-being of his/her family.