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Physical Education

Mrs. Herrman 

Welcome to the gym.  Each class will have PE twice a week and working on the Five Fitness Components listed below.  Students 5th-8th grade will dress for class- appropriate shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.  K-4th grade need tennis shoes and girls wear shorts under skirt/jumper.


                 Students participate twice a week with one class focused on #1 SKILL with the second class focused on #2 HEALTH. 

1.        SKILL RELATED=power, speed, agility, balance coordination and reaction time.

2.        HEALTH RELATED= cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility.


1.        Cardio Endurance- the ability of the heart, respiratory and circulatory systems to supply oxygen and nutrients to, and to remove waste products from, the working muscles. Benefits; The heart, which in essence is a muscular pump, becomes stronger and more efficient by increasing the amount of blood it pumps with each beat, thus becoming a stronger more effective pump.  The body also responds by increasing the total blood volume and the hemoglobin content in the blood.  These two adaptations allow the individual to deliver more blood and more oxygen to the working muscles during exercise. 

2.  Muscular Strength- the ability of the muscles to exert a force to move an object or to develop tension to resist the movement of an object.  The muscle cell is built up so that it can produce more energy.  The muscle can extract more oxygen from the blood, and the enhanced circulation through the muscle helps to remove the additional waste products produced.

3.  Muscular Endurance- the ability of a muscle to sustain repeated contractions or to maintain a sustained contraction. Through training, the muscles and bones are stimulated which helps the body maintain muscle tissue and increase the integrity of bone.

4.  Body Composition-the relative proportion of body fat to fat-free body tissue (muscle, bond, organs).  Increased energy expenditure of training promotes the loss of body fat stored.

5.  Flexibility-the ability to move a body part fluidly through a complete range of motion about a joint.


1.  WARM-UP:  To prepare the body for the training session by gradually increase  heart rate and blood circulation to the active musculature. The same exercises will be used          each class for consistency and evaluation.

2.  COOL-DOWN:  To help restore the body to its pre-exercise condition.  Cool-down time is the optimal time for making flexibility improvements since the muscles are warm and the joints are most supple.

3.  INTENSITY:  Exercising within the training heart rate range will produce optimal physiological adaptations. Working at maximal heart rate, how hard are you working?

4.   DURATION:  The amount of time spent in the training part of the exercise session( not including warm-up and cool-down time),  The minimum duration necessary to stimulate physiological adaptations is 20 minutes.  Recommended duration range for most individuals is 40 to 40 minutes.

5.  FREQUENCY:  The frequency of the training program refers to how often the training  should take place.  Training needs to be performed at least three days per week to derive   physiological benefits.   


Unit calendar

August = locomotor skill testing, 4 square, hopscotch, manipulating an object.

September = frisbee golf aim, throws, force, speed.

October = football throw, punt, hop, rhythm, patterns.

November= soccer, foot dribble, pass, fitness test assessment.

December= jump rope routines, middle school choreography for jump rope.

January= dance, country line, waltz, square dance, 7th grade field day projects start.

February= volleyball, set, serve, bump, score.

March= basketball, free throw, jump shot, layup, dribble.

April= kickball and whiffle ball, bunt, force, field positions.

May= 7th grade field day project due.  Field day games.


Middle school will have electives, Cardio /Aerobics, Basketball,

Weight stations.  

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