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Physical Education

Students will attend Physical Education Class twice a week.  Our focus will be on the FIVE ELEMENTS OF FITNESS-flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and body mass.  Students will set goals for their personal growth in each area and will use there skills in many different types of sports activities.

Nancy Herrman

December is Jump Rope unit and students in grades 4th-8th will be performing a two minute routine for their project.  General PE will be creating their own routine and 4th & 5th grades will  create a routine together in class.  Both these groups will be required to perform the skills that are listed below, 4th & 5th grades will only do basic jumps.


Double Bounce-Most people start with this skill.

1. All you do is simply jump twice in one rotation of the rope.

Single Bounce-This is the next step up from the double bounce.

1. Just jump once over the rope instead of jumping twice.

 Single Sideswing

1. Put your hands together, while holding the handles, and swing the rope from one side of your body to the other.

2. Keep repeating step 1.

3. When you are ready, open your hands. Swing the rope down and jump

Skier-If you've ever gone downhill skiing this will be easy.

1. Jump side to side like you're skiing

Side Straddle-If you've ever done a jumping jack you'll get this one.

1. Pretend you're doing a jumping jack using only your feet

Front Straddle-If you've ever gone cross country skiing you've got this trick.

1. Jump with one foot in front and the other in back.

2. Jump and switch the positions of your feet.


1. Jump with your feet spread apart.

2. Jump and cross your legs.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.


Heel Exchange

1. Jump and touch your heel to the ground in front of you.

2. Switch feet and touch the other heel to the ground in front of you.

3. Keep repeating steps 1 and 2.

Toe Exchange

1. Jump and touch your toe to the ground behind you.

2. Switch feet and touch the other toe to the ground behind you.

3. Keep repeating steps 1 and 2.

Jogging Step

1. Turn the rope and step over the rope with one foot.

2. On the next turn of the rope step over the rope with the other foot.

  1. It is just like jogging in place while jumping the rope.

Swing Kick

  1. Jump over the rope, landing on your right foot and swing you left foot back.

  2. Jump over the rope, landing on yur right foot again, and kick you left foot forward.

  3. Jump over the rope, landing on your left foot, and swing your right foot back.

  4. Jump over the rope, landing on yur left foot again, and kick your right foot forward.


We will be using short ropes, long ropes, jumping with a partner, with a group, and getting in and out of a long rope.

Grades K-3rd will be required to perform the following skills.


Weight & Cardio are up to 3 1/2 minutes circuit and working 33 minutes straight.

Basketball Shooting students are keeping their personal data to show their improvement and we are about to start some games. 

Please make sure your children have their tennis shoes for class.  Boots are not safe in Physical Education class.  

Nancy Herrman

Our WALL OF HONOR is filling up quickly, please get your "Bricks" in before Nov. 6th.  So cool to see all of our "FAMILIES" on the wall. 

We are finishing up our first fitness testing this week, grade 4-8  requirements are: 

Plank for 30 sec., Side Plank for 30 sec., 25 full sit ups, balance R & L for 30 sec.

jump rope for 60 jump rope forward in one minute, 30 jump rope backward, jump rope R foot only 15 times and jump rope L foot only 15 times. 

Elective classes are going well and students are improving their cardio health and muscle memory.  We are keeping data to show our improvement.  

Soccer is the game this month.  Foot dribble, Pass, Trap & Tap will be our focus this month.  A Big Thanks to Mr. Amour for the soccer net, the kids are using them at recess!!!!!!

We will be going outside so please dress for the weather.  Sweat Pants, Sweat Shirt, jacket, ect.  

Nancy Herrman


Students will continue to work on throwing skills, only a football instead of a frisbee.  Tracking, force, and team work will be our focus.   Our INSTANT ACTIVITY has been a great starter to our class, tennis balls, scarfs, and stilts(we love these) all used to improve our balance, eye hand coordination, and crossing center.

K-3rd Graders have been perfecting their skipping and jumping skills, they are enjoying the hurdles.  This month we will be adding gallop and leap.  

Our Elective classes are going great.  Cardio & Weights have learned 6 different drills for hand weights and steps.  Thirty minutes of work out and these kids are doing great.  Basketball Shooting is full of drills and we are already seeing improvement in their shooting consistency.

Please make sure you are dressed for the weather,  we will be going outside more now that the weather is cooling off.

Mrs. Nancy Herrman

Physical Education





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