Little Flower Catholic School Grad at Grad Profile

A Little Flower School Graduate will...

Develop a personal spirituality rooted in prayer, worship, relationships with the community, and service leadership. A Little Flower graduate will have:

  • Planned, prepared, and participated in Catholic Liturgies
  • Been exposed to various prayer experiences, including songs, school-wide prayer, and Living Stations
  • Participated in a Catholic Lead Like Jesus servant leadership experience
  • Researched, planned, and contributed to service learning projects with partner organizations in the community.
Develop a capacity for critical thinking and creative problem solving through a challenging, well-rounded curriculum. A Little Flower graduate will have:

  • Broadened his or her world view with extensive learning trips, including theater productions, overnight camp, economics experiences, Children’s Museum and Washington, D.C.
  • Experienced the joy of reading with daily personal reading time, extensive class novel projects, and a staff trained and committed to teaching critical literacy and a love of reading.
  • Investigated areas of personal interest through Expert Projects†Acquired technology skills and experience through a 1:1 tech program in grades 3-8
  • Built real solutions to local problems in our Engineering Lab and during Maker’s Fair
  • Developed creativity and perseverance through an art and music program that includes band, choir, a Christmas program, and a Spring Musical.

Recognize the importance of community, including responsibilities to others, to the environment, and to their own health. A Little Flower graduate will have:

  • Set goals and celebrated the achievements of the community through quarterly Celebrations.
  • Demonstrated leadership through service, tutoring, reading-buddy programs, Student Council, and other opportunities.
  • Demonstrated perseverance, discipline, and teamwork through Physical Education classes, intramurals, and CYO sports.
  • Recognized God’s commandment to love one another and to be good stewards of all creation.