3 Great Things About Little Flower


Little Flower has provided quality Catholic education on the East side of Indianapolis since 1926.
Our NWEA scores and our growth on I-STEP point to the great strides our students make academically. But academics at Little Flower are about much more than test scores.
Our reading program cultivates not only reading competency, but also a love of reading.
Our math program includes personal finances and other “real world” skills.
Our fine arts program is more than just an extra; it is a core element of our curriculum.
With Lead Like Jesus and service learning projects, doing unto others is who we are and what we are about.
Marian Wright Edelman once remarked, “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” There is little doubt that students educated at Little Flower Catholic School will one day make substantial contributions to the betterment of the communities in which they will live.


Tradition plays a large role for a school established in 1926. From The Tree Song at First Communion to the eighth grade Washington, D.C trip, there are special moments that generations of Little Flower alumni remember.
But our most important traditions are the Catholic values that are the reason for our school’s existence. We welcome all families who share in our commitment to quality academics, a loving Christian community, and a desire to grow in our relationship with God.
We still hold Jesus’ two commandments, “Love God with all your heart and Love one another as I have loved you” as the cornerstones of all we seek to build.


"To me, Little Flower is so much more than a school building or a faith community, it is my home and my family.”
Learning can only take place in a safe environment. At Little Flower, that means much more than a secure building and well-disciplined classrooms.
For children to thrive, they need to feel comfortable to take academic risks, confident to be themselves, and secure that they are loved and accepted.
Parents and teachers work together to create a community where every child is valued, loved, challenged and cherished.
A sense of belonging and welcoming is evident in the school and the parish. Little Flower is in a very real sense home and family.